Putting data into the

hands of energy consumers.

Qilo is the only app that provides residential customers in the U.S. the price transparency and insights they need to take control, save money, and reduce emissions

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What We Believe

Residential customers deserve to know what they can do to pay less for energy and make informed sustainable choices.

What We Know

Our research shows that the data we provide customers will help them save 25–50% on each electric bill and reduce their carbon footprints.

What We Are Doing

We are developing a mobile app to help customers.


Meet Dave

Hi, I'm Qilo Founder, Dave Brost.

In my 10 years working within the U.S. and European electric power industries and receiving three technical degrees, I learned that residential energy customers are being kept in the dark.


I believe in truth and transparency. 


That’s why I’m determined to connect customers with the data they’re currently not receiving — data that will empower them to save money and make sustainable choices.  


If you believe in empowering residential energy customers with data, get in touch today by filling out the form below.  


Get in touch.

Reach out with inquiries or to get involved. We're currently looking for impassioned:

  • Team members with application software development experience

  • Team members with energy trading experience

  • Advisors with industry experience 

  • Potential investors committed to environmental capitalism 

Everyone who reaches out will receive the latest Qilo updates as we grow and evolve leading up to the launch of the Qilo app and beyond. 


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