Know your power.

Imagine reducing your electric bill and pollution at the same time. It's easier than you think.
Qilo is an energy solutions company that empowers you to take control of both.
We're launching our app in 2022!
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We are qilo.

We show you how your electricity can make a difference.
We believe
You deserve to know how to pay less for electricity and make informed choices.
We are building
A free and interactive app that gives you personalized insights to help you save money and reduce your pollution.
We are seeking
Electricity pioneers to be the first to participate in our soft launch later this year.
Are you in?

We start in northern Illinois

Qilo is based in Chicago and starts with Hourly Pricing program participants in northern Illinois.

App launch in 2022.

Your benefits through qilo.

Are you on the Hourly Pricing program?
Qilo helps you save more money and amplify your social and environmental impact at the same time.
Empowered choices
Electricity prices actually change throughout the day. At peak times, electricity is more expensive and dirtier because fossil fuels are used more to meet demand.
Qilo provides its users personalized insights and predictive notifications to save money on their electric bill.
Reduced pollution
Power plant pollution is higher when demand and prices are higher.
Qilo users consume electricity more efficiently and therefore save money and reduce pollution.
Electric grid resiliency
The Texas grid failed in February 2021 due to a lack of preparedness to meet electricity usage demands.
Qilo users receive predictive notifications to shift their usage when electricity demand is high. This helps you save money and prevent blackouts.

What is the Hourly Pricing program?

The Hourly Pricing program available through ComEd helps us to be mindful of electricity usage. It shows the benefits of shifting our usage to different times. The program lets us pay a rate based on hourly market prices for electricity and has been available since 2007.
Learn more
Qilo optimizes the use of the Hourly Pricing program and benefits you in multiple ways.
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Meet our team

CEO, Engineering

Electric grid enthusiast excited to share all he has learned about electricity.

COO, Operations

Nature lover seeking to understand the intricacies of people and the solutions to problems.

CDO, Analytics

Analytics junkie trying to save the ski season and spend time in the mountains.

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